Apr 28 2010

Why Edible Landscaping?

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“Why all this push for edible landscaping?”

“It’s not just edible landscaping. It’s the gardens, the cooking, the doing-it-ourselves. It’s a whole way of being. People have lost it, yet we’ve brought it alive, right here.” Jana’s gesture included the entire triplex and gardens.

“People have fallen out of the habit of doing things hands-on. We have become a society of packaged materials and kits, where all the pieces are purchased. The reeducation will be in getting people back in touch with their creativity and resourcefulness, persuading them to roll up their sleeves and get dirty.

Edible landscaping gets people back in touch with the land. We need to reengage them in the earth, touching it, surrounding themselves with its cycles. Whenever we go through weeks on end where our food comes out of boxes and plastic packages, weeks on end when we go from air conditioned office to freeway automobile to isolated urban residence, we become estranged, we literally ‘lose touch’ with our connection to this planet.

Once people lose that connection, it’s easy to forget natural capital, it’s easy to focus solely on the artificial realm of humans, it’s easy to get into taking and raping the planet. We lose touch with the fact that a part of us is part of the planet.”

-Conversation between characters Tia and Jana in Chapter 5 of Legacy, by Joanne Poyourow

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